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Engineered System Solutions was founded in 1988 to focus on rapid, innovative embedded design. Our consulting services solve a range of system development problems, from the earliest stages of electronics and software design, through the production of demos and prototype products. Our designs are performing in the world?s toughest environments as an integral part of the products of world leaders in a broad range of markets. As a direct result of innovative designs provided by ESS we hold several patents with our customers in multiple disciplines.

ESS projects have ranged from spending a day to solve a specific customer problem to providing 6 years of system engineering design, test and assembly resources around the world.

As a small business serving the military market, ESS provides:

·         Drop in LRU replacement design

·         COTS conversion & qualification

·         Engineering, Manufacturing, and Field Test set design and assembly

·         Design projects with dated, minimal, or missing documentation

·         Test planning, documentation, and execution

·         Turnkey fabrication, assembly and test of electronic assemblies

·         Project tracking and coordination with customers and suppliers


Military Product Development Experience

Soldier Power Manager Design

The soldier in the field today carries a wide variety of electronics with different requirements for power. The armed forces were interested in a Soldier Power Manager, a device to consolidate the requirements and manage the available power. Our customer came to us with a prototype design the size of a shoe box. They had a requirement to deliver a prototype with expanded capabilities the size of a brick in 12 weeks. Internal resources were busy on other projects. ESS redesigned the electronics and directed internal mechanical engineers on thermal management and packaging. The prototype was delivered on time, and a subsequent production design finished in under a year.

A follow on contract was awarded to reduce the size to that of a cigarette pack, make all power ports bidirectional, and improve the user interface. We worked with internal mechanical engineers and ESS partners to shrink the package and expand the capability. The result was a much smaller device, with expanded capabilities.

The design resulted in multiple patents with our customer, and is currently in field use.

APR-39 Threat Warning System - LCD Replacement Display Proof of Concept

The CRT display for the APR-39 Threat Warning System is expensive to acquire, and no longer produced in the United States. Our customer started an internal engineering project to explore replacing the CRT with LCD technology. The project was stalled due to technical hurdles, and resource availability.

There was no documentation for the signal interface to the LRU. The display was written with XY strokes, and custom blanking signals. Features of the display relied on the persistence of the CRT phosphor for dimming.

ESS reverse engineered the LRU signals and simulated the display on a PC using DSP processing from captured data. We then designed custom hardware to convert the signals for A/D conversion, and custom firmware to recreate the display on an LCD display.

The end result was a working prototype that duplicated the CRT display. The complete development was completed in 12 weeks. The resulting design was returned to our customer for further development.


Prototype Vehicle Power Source for COTS Devices

There is a proliferation of Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) devices in use in military operations which require domestic power (110 VAC, 5V USB, 12 V Vehicle).  However standard power in military vehicles is 28 VDC and riddled with noise from electromechanical loads.

Our customer saw the need for a device to provide COTS power from the military power. They needed a prototype that could survive the extended temperature range and vibration of initial testing. The prototype would serve as a tool for their sales personnel. The customer?s internal resources were busy on other projects, which required a vender that could provide a turn-key solution.

ESS researched the problem and proposed a combination of internally available components, COTS devices, and custom hardware to meet the need. We provided the mechanical, electrical, and firmware design for the prototype. We fabricated, assembled, qualified, and delivered 5 units to the customer in less than 18 weeks.


Examples of Commercial Projects

In addition to military projects outlined above, commercial projects include:

·        Embedded firmware and validation test for FDA approved contraceptive device

·        Intrinsically safe drill floor compass and information display

·        Local travel assisting with electronics production yield problems

·        Diagnosing power problems in a Gulf of Mexico oil rig

·        Diagnosing vibration problems at a North Sea oil rig

·        Travel to Japan as technical representative of a display ASIC manufacturer

·        Travel to Russia to diagnose noise in a refinery control system

·        Design of an intrinsically safe power supply for a rugged PC

·        FW and HW design of a control and data acquisition for world leader in well casing make up equipment

·        System engineering, installation, and field test of truck and bus suspension control.

·        System, hardware, and software design of intrinsically safe I/O for world leader in industrial control.



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